Garage Door Openers Dallas. They can be your big Problem

Garage Door Openers Dallas

Get your Garage Door Openers Fixed.

Garage Door Openers Dallas is my brother-in-law:

And he has great stories about garage door openers and garages.  Some are embarrassing.  So you should read this. And Dallas should listen.   Garage Door Openers Dallas (and every one else!) are the widest entry to your home.  If your garage door opener is broken your car can get trapped in the garage.  You can also get locked out of the garage.  But worst case: your garage door can get stuck open.  Or someone else could open it.

Dallas’ Garage Door Opener.

It was broken.  I think it was the spring.  So the door wouldn’t close.  He could pull it shut.  But the remote wouldn’t work.  Hard to say.  I wasn’t there.  And if I’m not there Dallas needs a professional.  Actually a professional garage door opener service is the way to go.  If you are messing around with a broken garage door spring you could really get hurt.  You could get pinched.  I don’t know about you, but I tend to fall off ladders when I feel sharp pain.  It happens.  Anyway, last spring.  Last spring Dallas garage door opener was broken.

It would still close.  But you had to do it by hand.  Someone must have seen him struggling with it.  And figured they could open it too.  Someone opened the garage door.  Backed a pickup into the garage and took Dallas’ stuff.  They took Dallas’ golf clubs.  They took Dallas’ old computer (I hate to imagine what was on that old drive!) And they got into the house and took his new computer too.  And the TV.  And some other stuff.  He was pretty upset. Dallas’ garage door opener is now fixed.  He had to get a new remote.  Because I think his old one was stolen.  This sort of thing happens.  And not just around Dallas, Plano and Richardson either.


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