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Garage Door Repairs Dallas.  A broken garage door?  I know.  You are wondering if it involves a broken spring.  My brother-in-law, Dallas, and I had a problem.    But it was not a broken spring.  It was a cold November day.  It was Thanksgiving.  Lots of relatives were at our in-laws house.  Our wives are sisters.  They were having a great time visiting.  We were bored.   But not for long.  Shhhh . . . I will get to the garage door repair Dallas.  In just a minute.  I will tell how American Best Door Service saved our lives.

Garage Door Repairs Dallas and Foosball

We went into the garage. We noticed an old foosball table.  It was piled high with junk.  Like old antique porcelain.  And some little figurine things.  And some stuff in boxes.  We set the junk to the side.  Piled by the garage door.  We dusted off the Foosball table.  Found a ping pong ball and went nuts.  Dallas pretended to be one of those old NYC sports casters.  We were thick at it when one of the kids came in.  And hit the garage door switch.  The garage door opener came down.  It wasn’t a modern garage door opener.  It was an old one.  The kind without the safety feature that makes it stop if something is in the way.  The opener was in good shape.  Considering how old it was.  It came down on top of the boxes.  And the antiques, and the figures.  And some other pretty important stuff.  And crushed it all.  We couldn’t stop it.  It went all the way down.  Before we could get it to come up again.

Here is the part with the garage door repairs Dallas.

We were scared.  So we sent the kid inside.  Under orders to say nothing.  I said “we should call Garage Door Repairs Dallas.”  We called American Best Door Service.    I said our father in law would be so happy he wouldn’t notice.  What had happened to his stuff.  Which we moved to the back of the garage.  And covered with a sheet.  He really needed a safe garage door opener.  In case one of those kids ever did anything like that again.

After, we all had a great time playing foosball.

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