New garage door opener Dallas: Improving our game.

New garage door opener Dallas.  The last story was about getting a new garage door opener for my father in law.  You can read about how we got him a new garage door opener for a present.  Because we are responsible and good husbands to his daughters.  Even though I am from New York and Dallas is from New Jersey

New garage door opener Dallas, me and ping pong.

Dallas and l liked the new garage door opener so much we decided to get a new garage door opener  Dallas old garage door opener was not safe.  It was not up-to-date safety-wise.  An old garage door opener can be dangerous for little kids.  It can be dangerous for pets.  And an old, unsafe garage door can ruin your family relationships.  My garage door opener was better because it was broken.  It wouldn’t open at all.  That can be safer.  Sometimes.  Dallas new garage door opener Dallas came with a remote.  And it has a feature where it will not shut down on something.  new garage door opener dallas


He thought this was awesome.  Then he discovered it was fun too.  He could have used his old door to open coconuts.  We used the new one to make our ping pong games more interesting.  Here’s how it works.  Give the remote to one of the kids.  Have the kid press the open and shut buttons while you are playing ping pong.  You never know when you are going to have the door come down.   And have the ball rebound right at you after a good backhand slam.  Lift-Master is great for this.  Chamberlain is good too.  They will not hit the ping pong table.  Or the kid.  [youtube id="gUwd2z9935Q"]


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